Your ONE STOP SHOP! All things Makeup, Hair & Beauty

Your ONE STOP SHOP! All things Makeup, Hair & Beauty

Become a Stockist


We have previously approached you in relation to becoming a potential stockist for Renee Touma Cosmetics because we value your business and believe you will successfully market and sell our brand. In saying this we aim to achieve a long term business relationship with you.  If you successfully become a stockist we will feature your business on our website.                                                                                         

As per your request see below information in relation to becoming a stockist for Renee Touma Cosmetics.


How It Works

In order to become a stockist, you must make a minimum purchase of 50 pairs of lashes. Stockists receive 50% off all our stock. After your initial purchase of 50 pairs you can top up your stock by purchasing a further minimum of 20 pairs of lashes. You can view all our styles on our shop mink lashes page. 


Please view our prices below:

STOCKIST PRICE (What you pay) : $15.00 per lash.

RETAIL PRICE (What you must sell them for) : $30-$40 per lash.

PROFIT: $15 – $25 per lash depending on what you sell them for. 


Makeup Artist Option

An extra option is available for MAKEUP ARTISTS ONLY.

Makeup Artists ( MUA ) can purchase lashes without the original packaging. Choosing THIS OPTION means that you can NOT SELL the lashes as an individual item but instead can choose to charge an extra fee for makeovers using the mink lashes. 


How it Works

In order to become a MUA stockist you must purchase a minimum of 50 pairs. MUA will receive 60% off all lashes. MUA stockists can then top up their stock by re-ordering a minimum of 20 pairs after their initial first order. You can view all of our styles on our shop mink lashes page. 

Please view our prices below:

MAKEUP ARTIST PRICE ( What you will pay ) : $12.00 per lash.

RETAIL PRICE ( What you can choose to charge ) : $30.00 per lash.

PROFIT: $18.00+ Depending on what you charge.

Example A: If you ( the MUA ) charges a client $100 for a make-over with no lashes/standard lashes, you will be able to now charge them $130.00 with mink lashes. This would mean that you could earn $18 in profit. ( $30 ( what you charge for the mink lashes ) – $12 ( what you paid for the mink lashes ) = $18.00 profit.

Extra Options

If you own a salon and are wanting to stock our lashes in your salon, you can purchase one of our display options.

DISPLAY OPTION 1: Stand up display to retail the products.  COST: $250 

DISPLAY OPTION 2: Lay down display to showcase the lash styles. COST: $250 



If you have read and considered the above information and you are interested, please notify us by filling out the form below and we will forward you a contract incorporating this offer. Click ‘ THE FORM ‘ and fill out the application.


We would love to have you as our long term business partner and look forward to hearing back from you. 

Kind regards, Renee Touma

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