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Renee Touma founded Renee Touma Makeup in 2016, an all in one makeup studio that is based in Earlwood, Sydney and operated by Renee. Renee is a Makeup Artist, Educator, Influencer and entrepreneur. Learning from one of Australia’s leading makeup artists, Renee Specialises in makeup applications for bridal, engagements, special events, galas, red carpet, commercial, editorial and much more. Renee is listed in the Top 20 Makeup Artists in Australia in ‘ Wedding Wonderlands ‘ 2019 article.

Having an eye for colour and detail, Renee uses her creative vision to apply makeup on her clients’ faces, tailoring each application to enhance her clients’ natural beauty to bring out the best version of themselves. As well as having a creative eye, Renee Touma inspires to make all her clients feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

In Early 2019, Renee Touma Makeup launched private lessons and courses for aspiring makeup artists who want to start a career in the makeup industry. We pour our hearts and souls into every student who invests in our courses/lessons. We dont only guide and train them throughout their duration with us but we offer an ongoing life time of support and guidance to ensure all our students are on the right path and maximising their full potential.

Renee Touma Makeup also launched a Cosmetic range through Renee Touma Cosmetics in early 2019, Renee Touma Cosmetics has expanded their products launching over 4 new products in 2021.

In 2021, Renee Touma Makeup expanded and now have a full team of makeup artists.

In 2021, Renee Touma Makeup WON the Most Outstanding Beauty Business Award at the Local Business Awards and in 2022, Renee Touma Makeup WON the Champion Makeup Artist Award at the Women’s Australian Champion Small Business Awards.

It is important to keep up with the latest techniques and trends in this industry, and therefore Renee is constantly learning, striving to be the best in what she does.

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